9 thoughts on “Anne-nouncement”

  1. Hey, I heard a snippet promoting that on All Things Considered earlier this evening. Go you! Anne is one of my favorite childhood books.

  2. “As a child, I thought Canada was this beautiful, unspoiled paradise.”
    And as an adult you think… what?
    ‘cuz, dude, that’s what I see out my back door!

  3. Well done, Gwenda. I heard your interview Saturday morning and thought you did a great job. I’m glad to see you’re a fellow blogger. 🙂

  4. I think unspoiled paradise is an oxymoron. But then again, I’m a city boy into dashing smut. I got no problem with orphans.
    Way to go Gwenda! Nice accent.

  5. Gwenda, I loved hearing you on NPR! You sounded fantastic. I’m a huge, huge, huge Anne fan too…my daughter is a redhead, so I’m already planning our future Anne-themed tea parties. We just have to find someone to play Gilbert…

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