Friday Hangovers

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  1. Other than presidents and talking heads that end up on cable news, I don’t think they’re famous in the same way as entertainment industry types. The type of famous I assumed you’re talking about is the kind where people are interested in taking your picture when you’re out to dinner (which even the most powerful political types rarely experience) and most people would recognize instantly. The kind that’s on E! more than Olberman. 🙂

  2. “Or, alternately, just read John’s collection and skip Card altogether.”
    I think that’s a good rule of thumb for life in general!

  3. Because he’s a talking head… I still say it’s two different things. I see James Carville in an airport, he’s mostly left alone. Brad Pitt? Probably harder for him. There are definitely different degrees of fame, and for the most part America’s obsessed with entertainment industry types (and Paris Hilton). I don’t care about entertainment industry goss At All, going back to your Jack Nicholson example.

  4. Oh, and, just to be clear — the reason I made the distinction above is because there is a big difference between hating well-known or famous or semi-famous people just because they strike you the wrong way and hating ones that you have an actual investment in the actions of (politicos, in this case). And really, it’s more despise than hate. 🙂
    Yes, Alan — agreed!

  5. I just chose an example I was sure everyone had heard of and because I didn’t want it to be sidetracked into a political discussion. Also I’ve been watching the NBA finals and Nicholson’s been driving me nuts. But I hate Karl Rove and even Chris Matthews WAY more than Jack Nicholson. But my point stands for all of them. They’re all famous. Just different degrees.
    Though really I was trying to talk about the ways you and I and other bloggers have our own teeny tiny “fame” issues to deal with. Not anywhere near the scale of Emily Gould’s of course. But I, too, have gotten hate mail from total strangers. Not much but enough to make me blink.

  6. I get you. And I think maybe I am semi-immune to worries about being hated because of what I went through in elementary and high school being principal’s daughter. I gave up worrying about the opinions others held of me, and I could sympathize somewhat with the animating force of what they thought they hated about me.

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