Travel Dreams

I’m not even going to BEA this year (though I’ve been doing a lot of freelance assignments related to it, which makes it feel as though I am) and, yet, I had a BEA dream. Let me tell you, the BEA of my dreams is a lot more interesting than the real thing. Also, more dimly lit. Kelly was there, and had purchased a tiny cologne bottle shaped like E.T., of which she was very proud. I wish I could remember the nonexistent books I was dead set on procuring–instead, I only remember the covers of a couple of them and the fact that one of their titles included Franz Kafka’s name. Mark kept assuring us that one was excellent, and Carolyn agreed. (I know why Carolyn was in the dream, because we were just lucky enough to entertain her over the weekend. Good times.)

I shared some of this with Christopher when Emma woke us up in the middle of the night (as she does) to let her out to pee. He informed me that in his dream, he’d just scored 108 points on an advanced mathematics exam. An impressive accomplishment, I think you’ll agree. The night before was a Wiscon dream, and none of it remains.

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  1. jennifer, aka literaticat

    oh god. i had a dream that i was asked to be on a last-minute panel with Terry Pratchett, speaking on a topic of which I know nothing.
    I looked like an idiot.
    He was very nice about it, though.

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