Televisional Aside

What about that Bones finale, huh?

The developments make me a little sad, but perhaps we can look forward to padded room stuff at some point.

And back to work…

5 thoughts on “Televisional Aside”

  1. It made me sad too. And surprised. I feel I need to watch all the gormagon epis again to make sure I didn’t miss something.

  2. Yeah, I predict that they’ll kind of “Lecter-But-We-Love-Him” next season. They’ll replace him with the guy that Bones brought in to help at her dad’s trial, and they’ll consult him a time or two in a glass room. Eventually he’ll escape and start testing himself against them. He’ll have really creepy prosthetic hands. He’ll be in six or fewer eps as a recurring character, not a regular. That’s what I’d do, anyway.

  3. I wanted to know more about why he felt gormagon’s logic was valid. def. didn’t see that one coming.

  4. Good call on them possibly already introducing the replacement, C. I felt like it was rushed for such a big revelation — as was the whole “not dead” thing. I wonder if that’s because of the strike and the need to get certain major plot points in no matter what.

  5. We just watched it. !!!
    Massive kudos to the writers, directors, and actors for pulling this off, which I think they really did. We were literally pausing the episode every five minutes to discuss which of the handful of known characters could be our guy, and we went over them each in detail, and somehow managed to miss the one character who, as it turned out, really made sense in the role.
    (As for rushing the “not dead” thing, I just figured he’d come back after dark and start drinking blood.)

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