Mercury Retrograde?

Today’s Annoying Parts of Life: 1) tire with a hole in it (fixed, and even for free), 2) hot water heater problems plus (with the plus upping the total to YEEOUCH 3-grand), and 3) dirty hair (see hot water heater problems) and bad sleep last night leading to a general state of fuzzy-headedness.

It’s a nice day outside, at least, and these things are minor in the scheme of, and too shall pass. Etc. (It would be, perhaps, easier if I wasn’t on antibiotics that prevent the consumption of wine. Three. More. Days.)

And now that I’ve TMI-ed you to death, here’s a happiness-inducing thing: Graeme McMillan’s list of X-Men Who Should Be X-ed Out. I’m still mulling whether I have any additions, but have got to concur with Angel and some of the other conclusions*. Your own nominations welcome in the comments.

Also, if you’re a moneybags and would, y’know, like to send me 3-grand, I have a use for it**.

*Who knew that Australian teleporters suck so hard?

**No, I’m not going post-apocalypse. I should be able to shower when I get home. Poor, but clean.

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  1. Funny, when you said “tire with a hole in it,” I pictured a tire swing on a tree, and thought, that’s exactly the way it’s supposed to be. Then I realized . . .

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