Tuesday Hangovers

*And edrants becomes Filthy Habits: a welcome return to the tubewaves(?).
**I know the link says nepotism, but surely everyone in SF isn’t related.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Hangovers”

  1. Oh, wow, hey, thanks for noticing me. I wasn’t really sure I was making any sense with that blog post but I’m getting feedback that says otherwise so I guess my boy logic isn’t entirely faulty.

  2. I saw the tattooed piggies too (Boing Boing?) but I thought it very weird that the artist was a vegetarian (nice to animals and all) — and yet I know tattooing hurts — so it seemed a bit cruel to do to the piggies didn’t it? Those are some large, complicated, owie owie looking tattoos.

  3. The tattooed piggies were via my blog, If It’s Hip, It’s Here.
    For those concerned about animal cruelty, pigs do not have the nerve endings in their skin like humans and this is no more inhumane than tagging an animal to keep track of it or simply petting them really hard 🙂

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