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Just popping in to say that I’m really liking io9, the new science fiction concern of the Gawker empire. The contributions of the extremely smart Charlie Anders–who’s also on this year’s Tiptree jury–and editor Annalee Newitz are particularly fun. And the site’s top ten most anticipated SF titles of 2008 included several of the books my own hot little hands can’t wait for (especially Karen Joy Fowler’s Wit’s End, which will be fabulous).

Thus far the contributors seem to be playing nice with others, something that could never be said about many of the Gawker tentacles*… and I hope it stays like that or at least doesn’t get mean in an uninteresting way. But, hey, Scalzi’s watching that so I don’t have to.

*Y’all know how I love the Fine Lines at Jezebel.

3 thoughts on “Geek Out”

  1. I think we’re about as mean as we’re ever likely to get. But ask me again when we’ve been doing it for six months and our brains are starting to fur over. I suspect we’ll be dyslexic long before we get terribly mean.

  2. Apropos of absolutely nothing, I’ve just tagged you in a history meme blog game thingie. In fact I just created a whole new blog so I could play:
    It’s all about the main character in my new novel. (I hope this doesn’t feel too chain letterish. It just seemed like a cool idea at the time…)

  3. I’m glad to hear it, Charlie — so far the tone is pretty much perfect. And in six months, you’ll deserve a bitter(sweet) patch. Also, I believe there’s a loophole in that it’s not mean if the targets are deserving. (Oh, cruel loophole!)
    Nicola — yay on all counts. I will check it out immediately and meme-ify!

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