But when people are holidaysing and real-lifing and I am suddenly in the mood to read Web slapfights there are none to be witnessed, not even relatively recent ones with a couple of people still posting into the void. . .

Or am I missing something? ::she asked hopefully::

6 thoughts on “Woe”

  1. I’d say get thee to the ask the president sfwa newsgroup and watch Andrew Burt act like a jackass. (ok a few weeks old, but full of insane goodness.)

  2. How is it possible that there are not enough nominees for the Nebulas? I’m really confused by this….I mean I know I’ve read books that could be nominated and I’m sure lots of other SFF fans have as well.
    Or is this more complicated (the process) then it appears to be?

  3. Oh, Coll, someone with more patience than me will have to take a crack at it. Yes, it’s ridiculous. Yes, it says more about the state of SFWA than the state of The Field.
    Chance — I knew you’d come through!

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