Under the Radar Madness Kicks Off

RadarNot here, but elsewhere! (Here later in the week.)

I know you don’t have enough books to read, so do go see all the Radar Recommendations for today:

Finding Wonderland on The Curved Saber: The Adventure of Khlit the Cossack by Harold Lamb

Bildungsroman: Christopher Golden’s Body of Evidence series

Interactive Reader has Christopher Golden’s Body of Evidence series too

Not Your Mother’s Bookclub
: An interview with Robert Sharenow, author of My Mother the Cheerleader

lectitans: The Angel of the Opera: Sherlock Meets the Phantom of the Opera by Sam Siciliano

Bookshelves of Doom: The God Beneathe the Sea, Black JackJack Holburn all by Leon Garfield

Writing and Ruminating: An interview with Tony Mitton and a review of his book Plum

The YA YA YAs are all about  I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade by Diane Lee Wilson

Chicken Spaghetti: The Illustrator’s Notebook by Mohieddin Ellabad

SemiColon: Picture books, including Russell Hoban’s Nothing To Do

Colleen‘s all about Dorothy of Oz at Chasing Ray

(And thanks to Coll for the links!)

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