It’s Beginning To Look Like

…one of those weeks, dearies. Too much going on, not enough time to breathe let alone blog. I may pop in again a time or two, but I also may follow the example that the rest of the ‘sphere seems to be setting and turn the lights down so low they’re barely even on. (Except for over at the LBC, of course — where you should definitely be checking out the various Jamestown-related festivities this week.)

I haven’t managed to answer any e-mail yet, not even the nicest, best e-mails (especially those), and that’s not likely before next week either, I’m afraid. Deadlines are sitting on top of me until then — and they’re not purring either.

But next week promises to be a bit livelier around here, what with Recommendations from Under the Radar Week and a drive-by from a completely marvelous author whose first book hits the shelves Tuesday (and who does a mean "Love Shack"). Until then.

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