Revenge of Scratchy Throat & Tiny Men Inside My Temples Crud

What is the deal with this neverending Wis-Cold? I feel better, then it comes back. Yo-yo. I shouldn’t have stopped doing the zinc swabbies. And the weirdest thing of all is that I don’t feel all that bad, just like I have Tiny Men Inside My Temples Swimming in Snot Soup.*

*Possible picture book idea?

4 thoughts on “Revenge of Scratchy Throat & Tiny Men Inside My Temples Crud”

  1. With Harry Potter’s adventures coming to an end, I think you’ve just discovered the next kids’ book franchise goldmine. The best of course will be when Universal opens the Snot Soup Amusement Park in Orlando. Thrill to the Nostrilizer! Ride the Slimy Sinus!

  2. My Wis-Cold (great coinage!) is on the wane but won’t go away completely. I’m thrilling everyone at work with the low rumblings of mucus in my larynx. Well, either thrilling or disgusting.

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