Monday Hangovers

2 thoughts on “Monday Hangovers”

  1. I saw the Southern Gothic article and was immediately consumed with desire for one of those houses. Greek revival and decay–an compelling combo. I think I could happily live in that attic forever (or until the humidity drove to the nearest motel with a/c.) There’s something about the Southern Gothic vibe that just never gets old. It is the whiff of cruelty and sorrow that lingers? Or the heat and humidity? Or is it because the Past isn’t even Past there? Whatever it is, it works.

  2. Re, best children’s books you’ve never read, I would add a book I read recently and LOVED! The book is called Atherton by Patrick Carman. Found it on the take shelf at work and read it in one damned sitting. But nobody else seems to have heard of it. I posted a little about it here.

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