The dogs and kitty say, oh woe, woe, where is Christopher? And after they got a little less than 24 hours of Chris Barzak love, too. They are not happy, and are following me everywhere. But they can not get here, where everyone else is, fabulous and freshly-printed (ahem) story drafts clutched in hands.

Me? I’ve been to the post office, which was full of fun things, and have now purchased Deja Vu from the pay-per-view, which will almost certainly not be full of fun things. Yes, yes, I have lots of work to do — that dread packet — but I actually work best in the late evening (shhh, don’t tell anyone), so that’s my plan. Plus, we stayed up a bit late, drinking vino and back-yarding and chitter-chattering (Barzak and I have lived disturbingly parallel lives). I find myself in need of achieving a vegetable state for awhile as a result.

An adolescent girl is singing her fool heart out about Jesus in the street right this second, despite the 90 degree heat. Impressive.

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  1. I, too, know of the disappearing spouse syndrome. Doggies are hit especially hard. Lemme know how badly Deja Vu measures up (or likewise fails)–I’ve been eying it for a few weeks.

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