Yeah, So

Not so much with the posting from Wiscon, actually. If you’re looking for notes on panels and such, I suggest trolling here and here. Regular service to resume Wednesdayish.

The con has been fabulous as always, though I find I’m in that nice lazy Monday afternoon state of being exhausted on all fronts. I’m hiding away for a couple of hours to nap and work on the novel, and then there will be the usual decompression hang-out with those that are left tonight. Tomorrow home to dogs and cat, happily.

In the meantime, pop over and answer Scott Esposito’s questions about SF and whether (as Michael Dirda says) some literary lions have been writing it of late. I’m guessing you already know my answer.

And yay yay yay to Carolyn “Pinky” Kellogg on her debut review in the LA Times over the weekend. And congratulations to Betsy Bird, who runs one of my most favorite blogs in the universe and who’s been embraced by School Library Journal and will soon migrate her inimitable style to their cyber-shores.

Also see Melissa Moorer (whose write-orial debut with two excellent short stories — in Say… what’s the combination? and Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet — took place this weekend) on Nicola Griffith’s Always. My biggest purchase of the weekend was this absolutely GORGEOUS limited edition of Nicola’s memoir And Now We Are Going to Have a Party, which comes complete with scratch-n-sniff cards and assorted goodies.

We also landed a wonderful Terri Windling piece at the auction (and were gifted with one of the Endicott anniversary prints from the lovely and sweet Terri herself) — which reminds me to point to the 20th anniversary issue of The Journal of Mythic Arts, which just went live and features a bunch of amazing fiction and poetry and miscellaneous stuff, including Karen Joy Fowler’s story “King Rat” that kills me, absolutely kills me, every time I read it.

Anything else? Nah, I think that’s it for now.

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