We are back and the dogs and cat are all intact and happy-fied. I know, though, that what you really want is a garden status report, right? Especially since it didn’t rain at all while we were away. I’m happy to report that both tomato plants have THREE new tomatoes on them and Christopher’s corn is growing in an insane space-vegetable fashion.

In other words: life at Bond-Rowe HQ is intact. If suffering through overnight street construction outside the fortress.

The good thing about flying the Tuesday after Memorial Day? Less businessmen! I suppose they’re all “in-boxing” and “multi-tasking” in their cubicles.

Tomorrow, perhaps a rap-up post and some email answering? Now, a late dinner and some TV.

Miss you guys like mad already. Come visit.

8 thoughts on “Home!”

  1. Welcome back, Gwenda. You’ll find a meme on the entry way table. (I sent it.) Play along if you’re not too travel-weary; otherwise, don’t worry about it!

  2. Glad to hear all is well on the home front. Ours were surprisingly content – probably overfed and spoiled by the petsitter!

  3. Businessmen and their bloody mobiles. We were in a no cell phone quiet area at LAX and they kept coming over to talk on their phones there because it was quiet. Aaaargghh!! Told each one to bugger off by pointing out the no cell phone signs and each one got huffy as. I guess businessmen with cell phones are the only ones those signs don’t apply to. Grrr. I hates them all.

  4. I’m not a man, nor very businesslike, but true enough, I was in-boxing and multi-tasking with the rest of them yesterday. Oh, and I had a meeting! To transition things, even.

  5. well, in my case it was clearing through the work emails that had stacked up in my inbox on friday and monday (offshore worked, even though we didn’t) and making sure that all important questions were answered and all other questions knew they were being ignored.

  6. Welcome home! I want to hear more about your garden. I do a garden round up on Sundays so come on by and leave a link if you post about it!

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