Whoopsie – Heroes Yammer

We got to drinking vino with the neighbors amid the splendor of the garden last night and I forgot to post. This is the one with all the mama issues. Thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Whoopsie – Heroes Yammer”

  1. The Sylar part of the episode didn’t work for me in regards to the mother issue, primarily because it wasn’t developed throughout the year the same way it was with Petrelli and his mom.
    The one good point, albeit somewhat forced upon us, was Hiro’s mercy. Too much happened in the last two-three episodes for Hiro to be as introspective and hesitant as he seemed in the last half of last night’s episode.

  2. I really hate storylines about men being ruined by the demands of their mothers’ ambitions, so I wasn’t thrilled to see that laid on so thick, in stereo. The structure overall felt a bit self-conscious and awkward, the way they moved between parallels in all the storylines, but it’s nice to see them at least trying some creative storytelling to bring the heroes together.
    Hero’s mercy seemed quite natural and in character to me, and I suspect it will turn out to be rewarded, Bilbo-style (“Pity? It was Pity that stayed his hand”).
    Claire and Peter continue to be the cutest couple.

  3. Overall, I liked the episode, even if it was a little bit of a letdown after two really strong weeks — and even if, as it’s being pointed out here, the mother issues were a little heavy-handed. Sylar’s ending, in particular, felt a little forced to me, as if the writers wanted to give him his moment of doubt and self-reflection…but only a short moment, and nothing that would actually survive more than half an episode.

  4. Claire and Peter continue to be the cutest couple.
    Except, of course, they’re uncle and niece… Potentional shippers should take note.

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