Who Knew?

From an interview with one John C. Wright at Sci Fi Weekly:

So, no. The work was written long before I ever heard of Harry Potter. Through no design of my own, Branshead is the opposite of Hogwarts: a school where magical beings learn how to be muggles. The students want to break out of school and return to lives and families at home.

Nor is this book anywhere nearly gross enough to qualify for YA status. To win awards in YA fiction, one needs to describe rapist elfs sodomizing boys with thorn bushes, or a father having sex with the ghost of his little son he murdered. Incestohomopedonecrophilia, we might call that: One needs special names to describe the new perversions. I wish I were making those examples up.

Wow, I’m going to have to add some thorn bushes, AT LEAST.

10 thoughts on “Who Knew?”

  1. I want these books–right now! But I have no idea what books he is talking about. Someone please tell me–I feel so naive.

  2. Wow. I mean, *my* elves are sort of venal and avaricious and generally amoral – but no sodomising, and no thorn bushes in sight. (I didn’t even use the word “scrotum”. I’m doomed…)

  3. I’m guessing the first one is me, actually…
    I mean, obviously that doesn’t happen, but there’s Corny and Nephamael (the elf) with his cloak of thorns (although no sodomy, but I suppose he’s free to imagine there was) and I did win an award (although not for that book).

  4. I wanted to post about the books, but I can’t get over his Jack Abramoff cosplay.

  5. Actually, I think Blue Rectangle leaving nonsensical comments to try and drive traffic to your site is getting cliche. The next one will be deleted if there isn’t more content.

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