Made It

Dear cell phone-wielding business man: You are not important. STOP TALKING.

This is my message to all the people in airports everywhere.

But we made it, lalala, and although we missed the Room of One’s Own Reading yet again, we got in some quality Governor’s Club time with the likes of the one and only Karen Fowler, Ellen Klages, Kelley Eskridge and Nicola Griffith, Doselle and Janine Young, Jeremy Lassen, Susan Groppi and Matt Withers… The latter of whom whisked us off to a party across town, where we saw tons of other peeps like Ted Chiang and the wondrous Marcia Glover, Dave Schwartz, Karen Meisner, Haddayr Copley-Wood, Steph Burgis and Patrick Samphire, the late-breaking Meghan McCarron and Liz Gorinsky — geez, I’m starting to feel like a jerk. EVERYONE IS HERE.* Why aren’t you?

Then our cab driver totally backed into a car, got out and eyeballed the dent and drove off.

Ah, Madison in spring.



p.s. Topics discussed included: feeling betrayed by the turn of a character in fiction, publicists, the history of bananas, filking, present tense, making cosmopolitans for one’s parents, the last season of Gilmore Girls, crying, infiltration of certain subcultures, cannons and canons

*And we haven’t even seen Chris Barzak yet! Or Kelly and Gavin, for that matter!

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  1. How have I not seen you yet? (I spent time with all those peeps and didn’t see you at all.)

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