Heroes Yammer

What is it about Monday nights? I keep staying up too late drinking and yammering about unrelated wonderful things.

So, the next to last Heroes’ ep of the season? Anyone? More when I’ve watched it tomorrow. Now: tonight and dreams of good French wine, cheese and steak. Yum.

3 thoughts on “Heroes Yammer”

  1. Oh, look, another character of color down. And Ando is probably next.
    This episode felt, perhaps inevitably, like scene-setting – putting all the pieces in place for the final showdown.
    What interests me is that all of the characters except Hiro, Ando, and anyone they influence are currently on the path that will lead them to the future from “Five Years On” (in which, as we know, Peter is the bomb whatever he and Sylar may believe now). Which raises the question of how Niki survived, especially given that she’s currently in the same building in which Micah is going to witness the explosion.
    Seeing as Hiro gave him a (not entirely accurate) report from the future, I’m guessing Nathan is the wild card. Regardless of what happens to Sylar, I think he’s going to stop Peter – perhaps by flying him to safety. I also think he’s a dead man.

  2. Oh, look, another character of color down.
    I don’t think he’s dead. Gut shots, I believe, are not a quick way to kill someone. (But I won’t see the finale for two long, painful weeks, so nobody confirm one way or the other.) On the other hand, I think Linderman, Eric Roberts and Ted are probably gone for good …

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