Heroes Yammer

Finally, new television! Who will be the next dead woman on HEROES (duh-duh-duhm!)?

.07%. Sylar and Peter face off. Sylar will face off with another Hero and Isaac’s new pictures show a dead Hero without a brain. Two unexpected reunions will occur and Linderman will reveal to Nathan shocking secrets and plans. We will meet a computer savvy geek and a competent security guard who works in the Corinthian Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas. A hero dies.

Now with 100 percent more face-offs!

I might not watch the ep until tomorrow, but comment away. (Actually, I’m so starved for television, I probably will watch it. I’ve been watching Roswell repeats on Sci-Fi, people, which are, um, new to me. I find it charmingly quaint and Mayberry-esque, but with lusty teenagers — even the mean teenager is really kind of nice.)

6 thoughts on “Heroes Yammer”

  1. I really enjoyed Roswell for the first 2 seasons, much to my surprise. Somehow they really got me.
    As for Heroes, I hope it’s not Mohinder who dies–he’s the best eye candy by far. 🙂

  2. Future Hiro looks like he’s going to kick butt. What a mind bender of an episode. Loved Sylar’s vision of the future Nathan in painting versus what’s-his-names. Can’t wait until next week’s episode.
    Too much television goodness.

  3. Let me see if I’ve got this: Linderman wants a super to blow up half of New York so that he can start an anti-super campaign, spearheaded by Nathan, thus uniting humanity in its fear of supers. You’ve got to give him points for dramatic irony, I suppose.
    I wonder, if you stripped away the stuff the writers ripped off from X-Men and Watchmen, would there be anything left?

  4. Abigail wrote: “I wonder, if you stripped away the stuff the writers ripped off from X-Men and Watchmen, would there be anything left?”
    Heh. What plot or thematic points are you finding in Heroes that are “original” to X-men and Watchmen?

  5. Well, I wouldn’t know about original (and bear in mind that everything I know about the X-Men universe I learned from the movies), but Linderman’s plan is just one giant, telepathic squid away from Ozymandias’s, and just about everything the show has done with the supers’ various organizations (warring ideologies, the older generation influencing the younger one) and the reactions of supers and non-supers to their powers (the homosexuality analogy and the ambivalent relationship with normalcy) has showed up on X-Men at one point or another.
    By the way, has it occurred to anyone that if Mrs. Petrelli has a power, then Peter has already absorbed it?

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