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  1. jennifer, aka literaticat

    I dunno – one of my favourite picture books evah is Margaret Wise Brown & Remy Charlip’s THE DEAD BIRD.
    It’s sad, but also awesomely good.
    I would say they get the “biting-off-a-classic” award.

  2. I got Dan Simmons’s new book to review – this is probably one of the first times that being a reviewer of relatively unknown polar literature scores me a hard bound copy of a new thriller from a very popular author. Go me!
    Of course I’ll be reviewing it with three other books that I doubt anyone will have heard of outside the polar lit circles, but maybe by reviewing Simmons I can lure them in.
    I studied this expedition a lot in college – even wrote a big paper on the wife of the missing/dead captain. I never in a million years would have thought that someone could do what Simmons has apparently done with it, but I’m very excited about reading it. What’s really interesting is how little is known about it today compared to the world wide attention it commanded back in the 1850s. Nice to see some forgotten history dusted off for a new generation, and I’m sure Simmons works wonders with the story.

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