Desk-Cleaning Fun

Cleaning the desk, which led to thirty minutes of searching for "The Incredibly Hideous Tale of the Incredibly Hideous Vampire," a little comic C made a few years back. Sadly, it appears to have been eaten. (Spoiler: The Incredibly Hideous Vampire did not even realize he had a flowerpot on his head!)

I did find a rough version of the first two pages for a sequel however. Which I reproduce below for your edification:



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  1. Okay, this was posted without my approval, and these pages were clearly not intended for public view. You can tell because of the indecipherable lettering, which would be slightly better in a final version, which final version would be intended for a single reader anyhow, and not her blog buddies!
    The artwork, of course, is about as good as I get.
    An after the fact script for this:
    Page one: Splash with single inset.
    Panel One (splash): A storm-wracked CASTLE deep in the mountains of Easterneuropesylvania. We can vaguely make out a figure in one window.
    Caption: Now it has been told…
    Panel Two (inset): The panel is the frame of the window mentioned above, seen from outside. A single CANDLE illuminates the interior, where we see THESSALONIKI THESSALONIKI and a CASKET.
    Caption: …how the one-eyed Copt, Thessaloniki Thesaloniki, felled the Hideous Vampire.
    Page Three: Three panels, a half-pager along the top with two below.
    Panel One (half-page): As Page One, Panel Two, in reverse. In addition to the coffin and T.T., we can also see that an ICON of the ancient Judaic Russorthodox Consonantoplian faith hangs on one wall. T.T. is watching the lightning out the window.
    Caption: And how the old monk vowed to live out his days standing guard, should the Hideous Vampire ever return.
    Panel Three: Full face head shot of T.T.
    Dialogue (T.T.): Twenty-four years I have dwelt in this forsaken place.
    Panel Four: Over T.T.’s shoulder, we get a better look at the icon, which depicts the Virgin Mary (non-alcoholic).
    Dialogue (T.T.): With only this precious icon to sustain and aid me in my task!

  2. Chris: You should finish this and post it. I like the scribbly art work and writing and for some reason it looks really great in the journal format. Hope to see more of it.

  3. Chris,
    You’re a better artist than I am! I admire the “M” birds. I wonder if we attended the same art school.
    I agree with Ford. Let’s see the whole shebang. It’s fun.

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