For the lack of content. I find — irritatingly enough — that I’m still worn out from the Dread Bug of Last Week and have some lingering head-coldyness that is making it hard for me to focus on anything too complicated. In short: SLEEPY. And no time to sleep.

We did break down and get a Playstation 2 as our overall "You Must Deal With the Season" consolatory present last weekend. So, expect a post soon on my impressions of the buying/playing process as a video game novice. (Bully is my runaway favorite so far, which is all Bookshelves of Doom‘s fault.)

In the meantime, did I mention how sleepy I am? Very, very sleepy.

4 thoughts on “Apologies”

  1. Be careful! Don’t get sucked into that whole video game thing completely, for it will sap your time! I speak as one who had to uninstall all games from his PC and throw away all CDs to get things done.

  2. at least you didn’t get a wii…
    i am a little so-so on bully at this point. maybe it comes from playing too much grand theft auto in my life and being burned out on the format. the story has been highly touted, but i find it a bit difficult to follow.

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