Celebratory Goodies

In recognition of some small measure of sanity on the part of some people, I’m gonna give away some books over the next week. Today, I’ve got two copies of the new paperback edition of Kelly Link’s second short story collection Magic for Beginners.

The first will go to the first person who responds with some creditable hint of a possible defense to zombie (or undead) attack. The other will go to the first person who accurately guesses the solution to the first arc (the campus rapes) on Veronica Mars this season* either in this thread or one of the VMT threads.**

*Somebody will. But if nobody does, I’ll choose the most entertaining objection to the culprit reveal.
**Yeah, this one will take a little while (but not sooo long!); and there’s a pretty good chance any of the regular commenters on VM already have the book, so they can also have it sent to another person-a of their choice.

4 thoughts on “Celebratory Goodies”

  1. Oh, bother, I live in poor old Europe where we don’t even *have* Veronica Mars, and I’m too straight-laced to do things like bittorrent so I’m afraid I don’t have a clue what you are talking about.
    And my approach to a zombie attach would be a doomed-to-fail foot-tapping ‘Stop doing that right now, young rascal!’ since I know far too little about the workings of zombies.

  2. And we have a winner! Eric, email me your address.
    Marrije: No VM? 🙁 Send me your address too (not for VM, but I’m sure I can find something fun to send you!).

  3. In a weird coincidence, the rapist on Veronica Mars turns out to be a zombie. Go figure.
    Maybe Weevil can hotwire a steamroller?

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