Wednesday Hangovers

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Hangovers”

  1. Hey Earl: We’re on Dish Network and pay for a CW affiliate out of New York. Just go to the CW Network web site (they merged UPN and WB) and see if there’s a local affiliate listed.

  2. Well, technically, yes. But there has to be some other way that networks unofficially monitor this stuff — if only by buzz and that sort of thing. Plus, I always figure that if more people without boxes are watching, it might increase the numbers among those being tracked. (And actually, someone over at TWoP said their box was on the way; I wonder how much impact one Neilsen box has, sort of like Amazon numbers…)
    Someone like Robert Altman should make a movie where a network bribes all the Neilsen families, so a show is highest rated, but no one else is watching it. I wonder if that’s remotely possible.

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