One Song: “Put a Penny in the Slot”

"Put a Penny in the Slot," Fionn Regan – Whatever I could say about this number, Sean at Said the Gramophone already said better. (He’s probably my favorite music writer at the moment, except maybe this guy.) Anyway, Paul Auster’s Timbuktu, Bellow’s Augie March, stealing strange things from your ex-lover — all woven into the intricate, beautiful, melodic lyrics here. I’ve been burned by folk and folkish music so many times that it takes quite a bit to wake me up when I hear that sound. I think it took one listen of this song, when it came up on random play in the car. About two-thirds of the way through there’s this lovely break and the line "She will not let you be her lover," drawn out slow and I realized this is an amazing song. An amazing singer.

Download Fionn_Regan-Put_A_Penny_In_The_Slot.mp3

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  1. Hi Bond girl – it’s a lovely song – and is getting lots of play on bbc 6 music radio station.
    Have you heard the shins new album – the last track is divine.

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