I did the Muppet quiz, but I refuse to accept Elmo. I hate Elmo! I am not Elmo-esque!

Now that we’re clear on that, don’t expect much of anything else from me for a few days (besides the Friday song, of course). Houseguests arriving sorta eminently and &tc.

7 thoughts on “Unacceptable!”

  1. Bah! Elmo’s not even canonical. Elmo’s part of the anti-Grover conspiracy. Next they’ll be telling us Big Bird isn’t the only one who can see Snuffleupagus.

  2. I got Kermit. Apparently because of my rousing 72% score in “extrovert.” I do not feel like I complain as much as that frog does, though, and my girlfriend is way cuter than a pig.

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