One Song: “Hotaru”

"Hotaru" by Kama Aina – The most beautiful track I’ve had stuck on repeat this year. Club Kama Aina comes out soonish, I believe, and I can hardly wait. Kama Aina is a project from Japanese musician Takuji Aoyagi, who has said of this music: ‘Kama Aina represents me as a fan of music which comes from islands, as well as referring to myself living in an island country. I sometimes think that my music reminds me of a remote island somewhere. On the other hand it also sounds like a champroo music of an island, which is a melting pot of everything from the outside world. Again I thought the word would suit my position well.’

Download 01_track_01.mp3

2 thoughts on “One Song: “Hotaru””

  1. thanks for posting! Kama Aina “Club kama Aina” is out tomorrow in Europe on Rumraket! People in Uk has to wait a week. It is released there november 13th…
    best wishes
    Rasmus / Rumraket

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