One Song: “Human Behavior”

"Human Behavior," The Decemberists – So, yeah, I’m basically trying to annoy you with this one. This bangy little track combines two things which drive some people beyond the crazy and which are like champagne and dark chocolate for the rest of us: Bjork + The Decemberists. Enjoy. Or feel angry. Your choice.

Download thedecemberistshumanbehavior.mp3

p.s. Louis-villains, don’t forget the reading. Come out, come out, come out! Happy Friday the 13th, everybody. Good weekend.

5 thoughts on “One Song: “Human Behavior””

  1. Is it wrong that I find this inexpressibly cool? Because, gotta be honest, I’m not the biggest Bjork fan. (The Decemberists on the other hand…) But this is one of her songs I’ve always liked, and this is a very fun cover.

  2. Huh.
    Not *all* in the percussion, I think. There’s something about Bjork’s voice ringing out like pipes on top of it all that this singer’s tenor-sax replication of her performance — as good as it is — just doesn’t satisfy for me.
    Now, if he hadn’t attempted to replicate her performance, but gone a different direction? I think I could get into that.

  3. i’m sorry… the instrumentation is fantastic, the vocals are abysmal.
    the best way to cover a bjork song is to do it in your own style, see Death Cab’s cover of “All is Full of Love.”
    unless of course that’s how the vocalist sounds on every track. i dunno, i’ve never listened to them before.

  4. I’m liking the instrumentation, but that guy can’t sing very well (in my opinion). I guess I just want him to let go more. That bit near the end, “And there is NOOO MA-A-AP, AND A CUUMPASS WOULDN’T HEEAALP AT ALL” and the screech that follows after was AWFUL.
    But I love the instrumentation. I’m sorry if I’ve just insulted your favourite singer ever or something!

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