Late Roman Empire-esque Excesses, the Joy of

One word: AWESOME:

Let’s cut the jibber-jabber and highlight one new show that knows exactly what it is. “I Pity the Fool” (9 p.m. Wednesday, TV Land) is Mr. T’s new venture into the genre of “reali-T,” and on his show, Mr. T uses his patented, energetic brand of motivation and problem-solving to help families and businesses in trouble. It’s a surprisingly sweet and gently diverting bit of fluff, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Somewhere Dirk Benedict is crying. (And not about that whole thing with his testicles and cancer either.)

p.s. Speaking of TV, did anyone else notice that Project Runway totally stole the Elle spread from ANTM? And that whole batshit crazy judging from last week where Tyra and the judges* did some sort of Pray Out the Girl Faux Gospel Number, inspired — appropriately enough — by the nuttiest girl (maybe) ever? Scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

*The guest judge looked like maybe he would run, except he had nowhere to go.

**Why, yes, I have been on a TV bender since our return from N.C. last evening; why do you ask?

6 thoughts on “Late Roman Empire-esque Excesses, the Joy of”

  1. Our tv died, so thank you for this television update! While brushing teeth in a hotel room in Indianapolis over the weekend, we watched part of an A-Team rerun. I asked Jason who his favorite A-Team member was when he was a kid, and he had No Answer. (!!!) That is all kinds of sad.
    For the record, I’m partial to Murdoch.

  2. I couldn’t believe they aired that faux gospel number at all; they should have at least cut it down. But, man, am I glad that chick is gone. She scared me big time.

  3. She should also eschew the sleaveless dresses. Youch, that one was bad. (And Miss J — why? Why the teacup skirt worn as dress?)

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