Unsmartest Moves Ever, No. 102

Um, nearly setting the kitchen on fire by turning on a burner with a plasticy thing (where vegetables were being cut up) on top of it — TWICE. The entire house is full of smoke.

There are reasons why I’m not allowed to cook, really.

6 thoughts on “Unsmartest Moves Ever, No. 102”

  1. Gwenda, just sit back and watch Willow. It’s all good.
    BTW, did you ever get that T-shirt? Just want to make sure USPS didn’t mishandle it.

  2. That would fall under the “I suck” department for not having sent y’all a thank you yet. I’ve been wearing that T-shirt proudly all around town. We’ll make it up to you at nonTurkey day! (You are coming, right?)
    & Willow? Clearly this calls for Conane. Or possibly Zod.

  3. Conain: the beverage of choice for discerning barbarians.
    And no worries about the T-shirt: just wanted to make sure it got to ya.

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