Tyranny of the Anecdote

Some of you have heard the "snail man" anecdote in person. For everyone else, Christopher tells it on MemeTherapy, as one of several writers on the oddest thing they ever learned while researching a story:

It’s something that just came up recently, actually, though I’m not sure whether the info itself is as odd as the tone in which it was conveyed to me. I was on the phone to a science museum curator in Philadelphia, asking for information about snails. The character I’m contributing to the next round of George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards books is, for want of a better term, a snail-centaur.

He asked “You’re researching this because you want to know what characteristics a snail man would have?”

I told him that was more or less it and he replied, with no hesitation at all, “Snail man would be a tremendous lover.”

All the answers are great fun.

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