Dirt Track Date

DemoderbyEvery so often I have one of those days that reminds me why I love the south. Maybe I watched Jim White’s movie or a compadre sends a link to a perfect little news story that just wouldn’t exist with the same specs elsewhere. Last night, it was as simple as a trip to the dog park a little later than usual to avoid the heat.

You see, the annual carny ride fair is taking place in the main fairgrounds this week. It’s smack behind the dog park, but wait, it’s better than that. In between the dog park and the rides, there has been set up a dirt track and bleachers. That’s right: they were having a demolition derby. The announcer was classic: "This ain’t a dance, boys!" We dog owners stood watching with glee while our dogs nosed around the park (at one point, we feared Emma had Found Her People, because she kept hanging out around the area of the fence bordering the prep pit). And I don’t think I have to give you much set-up to capture Christopher’s succint summing up of the mayhem-thirsty crowd, who got VERY angry when the announcer stopped things to lecture the riders on the taboo of the driver’s side door: "Bread and Buicks."

Yeah, we’ll be going back tonight at the same time. It’s large car demo. I can’t wait. Perhaps we’ll see Carzilla.

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