Stubborn Science

I completely forgot to point to this bizarre story I happened across in the Blood-Horse the other day when I was looking for some Barbaro news. The headline says it all, really: "Cloned Mules to Square Off in California Fair Race". Now, I didn’t know there even was competitive mule racing, let alone with cloned mules. Actually, the headline doesn’t even come close on this one, since it neglects to get across that these mules are cloned from the same genetic material, that of retired world champion Taz. Um, yeah.

But the best part is the article’s ominousish closing:

Jacklin said he has had "quite a few confidential inquiries" from Thoroughbred horsemen interested in the cloning process. "There has been a lot of interest," he said. "I predict we’ll see significant changes in the next few years as organizations begin to address clones. But wouldn’t it be great to see a cloned Cigar race a cloned Funny Cide or another John Henry? I believe it will happen in the future."

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