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First off, Emma the dog is all antibioticed and doing just fine, to all you who have inquired. She already seems much better. Of course, ouch, $200-plus vet bill right after Wiscon, but so it goes.

Things learned from the Internet, # 14,501: Ants HATE baking soda, whoops, make that BABY POWDER. Scares them right off.

Now we eat chicken sausages stuffed with feta and spinach and watch probably crapish movies (Casanova, Flight Plan, something else). Should be a nice evening. Hope yours is too.

4 thoughts on “Good Good”

  1. Actually, and against all reasonable expectations, Casanova isn’t bad at all. It sort of falls apart at the climactic scene when, instead of buckling his swash, our hero sort of stands around and hardly even gets noticed by the camera, but apart from that one flaw, it’s a very funny, and fun, film.
    Flight Plan, on the other hand, is just as stupid as the reviews would have you believe. Still, it is certainly a watchable film.

  2. Completely agree about Casanova — very enjoyable and a solid movie. What I liked about it was how delicate the direction was. The laugh lines were treated like any other lines. Also, this seems to be that rarest of Hollywood movies these days — one based on an original script. And so it had a little more voice and zip than many such movies. The ending struck me as similar to a light ending in Shakespeare.
    Flight Plan was completely unengaging to me. And I haven’t even finished it yet.

  3. oooh. thanks for the tips about baking soda and the ants.
    I think it’s going to be an ant-tastic summer in L.A. this year which will drive me crazy.

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