Never Traveling Again

So, by all appearances, Emma the Dog now has a urinary tract infection and will be headed to the vet for confirmation of such tomorrow. Guilt officially justified.

7 thoughts on “Never Traveling Again”

  1. Oh no! Well, I wouldn’t feel so bad. After all, you’re taking care of Emma now, right? Doesn’t this absolve you to some degree?

  2. It certainly has made me vow to never use that dog sitter again — even though there’s no way of knowing if she had anything to do with it.

  3. Poor doggie. I hope she feels better soon.
    The cats here gave me the “Oh, no — you came BACK?” attitude, since my husband spoils them far more than I do.

  4. It is so funny, I also thought “Oh no!” and with mild pain remembered the cat miaowing about an hour ago as I got home after an evening of apartment-darkness. But really though I am a great animal-lover we must be sensible about our beloved pets as well, you needed to go on that trip & you will find solutions that will let you keep going to stuff when it’s important, even if you do not gratuitously take off & leave loved ones in hands of urinary-tract-infection-inducing guardians! (No, really, can’t be fault of sitter; all will be fine in any case.)

  5. I was just kidding about the never traveling again — honest. Though I don’t actually plan any for awhile and there’s always places to go where little dogs are welcome. (Hemingway doesn’t like being alone for long, but doesn’t take it as hard as Emma.)
    I think we caught it early, because we knew that she had a history of these, so hopefully, easily treatable. I’m guessing she wasn’t strictly on her diet over the weekend and possibly not drinking enough water. Guilt, the guilt!

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