Since when do they change the synopses so quickly!

Nice episode. It appears some of the more obvious theories may be correct. Discuss.

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  1. I have now convinced myself that Dick is victim # three.
    Though I don’t think that lets Beav off the hook as bomber.

  2. OK, there were many other things going on this episode, some WTF, some OMG, and some Whatever. But what I really want to talk about is how awesome Mac is.
    I have now done so.

  3. Brain very full right now. I think Dave is probably right with his wacked out Beav done it theory, and that will make me sad and mad if so.
    Mac is awesome, this is true.
    I will be shocked if they can pull all of it together in the next episode.
    I was really surprised that Aaron got off on all the charges – surely the burning refrigerator was some sort of Evidence. Also, how in the world were they able to include testimony about VMs illegally obtained medical records? The whole court thing seemed a bit wack. Though nicely done making her choose to see the verdict or get the scholarship, though as one of the victims of the charges, you’d think she’d have been able to get an excuse to get her finals postponed.
    Still, it was no Trip to the Dentist.

  4. I agree with the thoughts that Woody can’t be the bomber now, but I still believe he clearly had something to do with the bomber’s motivation. It will be very interesting to see how/if the Free Papa Echolls and Kendall and the Irish gang and Mayor Woody and incorporation all tie up at the end to equal the bus crash.
    I didn’t quite buy Jackie’s departure.

  5. We’ve had two instances where Veronica essentially let rough justice take its course – Weevil and Clarence Weedman taking care the killer of Abel Koontz’s daughter.
    I’m thinking if Beav did do it, Veronica is going to let Woody take the fall for it anyway.

  6. Don’t we know —
    that someone either dies or is seriously injured in the finale? Could be Beaver.
    But then, that was awhile ago. I haven’t been following the spoilering.

  7. Oh and p.s. This episode was also a great reminder of how much more compelling Lily’s murder was on an emotional level. As much as we’ve learned about the people on the bus crash, I still don’t feel as much “life snuffed out too soon” impact as I do from Lily.

  8. Don’t we know —

    I suspect that Jackie’s hurried departure (if she’s in France at all) was not voluntary.
    And Mac is so awesome that I figure her awesomeness goes without saying. But if not: awesome.

  9. New Theory!
    They were actually trying to kill Woody. (Peter, Marco and maybe Beav or Lucky or Dick.) They gave him the bomb disguised as something, but somehow it got given back to someone on the bus, and so they accidentally fucked themselves. (Yes this explains not the rat or Curly Moran or so many things but I like it.)

  10. Okay, so here’s a crazy out-of-my-ass theory. What if some of these plot threads are entirely unconnected or the bus crash investigation is the only thing connecting them?
    What if the bus crash really was engineered by Aaron Echolls as an attempt to take Veronica and her testimony out of the equation? Clearly, he was willing to do a lot of things to get off.
    And, somehow, all this other stuff was either exposed/exacerbated by the bus crash or already in motion? And by solving the mystery, Veronica would clearly be solving lots of these little mysteries.
    I don’t like this, but I do feel like there’s some serious misdirection going on with Rob Thomas and Co, where they’re playing “look over here,” “no, wait, over here” with us to the point where I’m beginning to wonder if it actually will all tie together in any way except how Veronica (and maybe Keith) are affected.
    They got to have Logan be at least a little important in the finale somehow, right?
    The thing about the Beaver theory that bugs me is that we have no evidence really to suggest he’s a total sociopath. Quite the opposite, in his human interaction, actually. So it’s hard for me to believe that if he was responsible for the bus crash he would a) not take revenge on Logan for humiliating his dad and, actually, causing him to flee the country (unless that was his, mustache twirling, master plan) and b) immediately launch some sort of real estate scheme. It seems like a lot of this season has been Beaver trying to shake off some of the ghosts of his past, once freed from his dad and, I guess, from the threat of Peter and Marcos going public? Then again, it’s also hard for me to believe that if he or if he knew his brother had been molested by Woody he would have pulled the transvestite hooker trick on him. Just seems too cruel.
    They would have to REALLY sell me that he’s just a brilliant charismatic sociopath In One Episode. Not sure it’s possible.
    Okay, this is just getting insanely long now. But re: Chance’s thoughts above. I like it. If Beav’s somehow involved/implicated though, I still can’t buy his actions the rest of the season. We have seen no guilt over the bus crash or really anything else from anyone, so I have to believe that it’s someone we don’t see very close up or who doesn’t feel any guilt.

  11. I didn’t quite buy the whole Jackie storyline, honestly. I only wish Wallace had gone to France with her. (Sorry, I know there’s a lot of Wallace-love here, but I find him boring.)
    Agree on last season’s mysteries being more compelling; what impact this season’s crimes had has been lost in the flood of subplots and red herrings. I’m hopeful that the finale will surprise me, though.

  12. I used to love Wallace more. It seems like from about the time they sent him away, he’s just been a slightly different character. The Wallace I love was the one in the little moment with Veronica, talking about her leaving. Bring back that Wallace full time!
    And as the one person who actually liked Jackie, I’m kind of sad if that’s the send off she gets.

  13. >Clearly, he was willing to do a lot of things to get off.
    Lily wasn’t that bad.
    Thank you. Thank you. I’ll be here all week.

  14. I got up early so I could watch the episode before work. Should I be proud or ashamed? I can’t tell.
    Gwenda said:
    Okay, so here’s a crazy out-of-my-ass theory. What if some of these plot threads are entirely unconnected or the bus crash investigation is the only thing connecting them?
    I’ve been thinking vaguely along these lines for the lsat few weeks, too. It fits with what I think they’ve been trying to do with the season as a whole–tell a story about Neptune the town, rather than just a story about Veronica Mars. I honestly can’t tell how good a job they’ve done; not perfect, obviously, but I think that even more from season one it will benefit from being watched in blocks over a couple of weeks, rather than in dribs and drabs over nine months. But, yes: I like the idea of the bus crash as catalyst, or as the tip of the iceberg.
    A couple of points about “Happy Go Lucky” specifically:
    1. As impressed as I am that they went with the ‘not guilty’ verdict, I can’t help remembering that at this point last year we all thought they’d gone with the incest. There’s a trick coming.
    2. Also, was that the quickest celebrity trial ever?
    3. I prefer Dick as the victim of abuse to Beaver as the victim of abuse, but that would still leave us needing an explanation for Beaver’s issues.
    4. I can’t bring myself to commit to a culprit for the bus crash. Lame, I know.
    5. Have we worked out exactly where Veronica’s STD originated yet? If so I missed it.
    6. Beaver, Mac and Weevil = comedy gold.

  15. I went back and watched the STD episode last night and it seems to me that it has to be from Duncan. Why else would Veronica ask Logan about Duncan’s sexual partners and not ask him if he has it? We know (more or less) that V lost her virginity to Duncan (as much as that troubles me) and was sleeping with him at the hotel. The q is where he got it from: Meg? Did she get it from Lucky? That’s the only theory that I’ve seen tossed around.

  16. Veronica’s VD – My theory is: she never had chlamydia. They paid the doctor to lie and say she had it (because how did they find out about that anyway?)

  17. I don’t know — it would sort of make sense thematically if Veronica’s STD ties into the Mannings ultimately. But you could be right.
    I’ve been thinking about how did they find out about it too. It may be through some sort of public health reporting loophole (that would be the only legal way, I could think of, but again, her name or other identifying info shouldn’t have been available to them). We need a lawyer!

  18. p.s. That would be some risk for the doctor, taking a bribe and prescribing treatment. There’s every chance she would find out later. Seems pretty elaborate — how could they have even known she was going?

  19. It seems like people will do *anything* on this show. 🙂
    Plus, he was able to buy the testimony of the guy who owned the house, able buy Kendall, able to buy someone planting and “finding” the Oscar – it seems like there wasn’t a bit of evidence they couldn’t manipulate in some manner.
    For me it seems just as elaborate that they found out after the fact that she’d been to the doctor and we able to obtain her medical records.
    I don’t particularly think there’s going to be a connection back to the Mannings – I don’t think Meg ever slept with Lucky (and I don’t think her parents’ particular brand of abuse includes sexual abuse.)
    It is possible skanky Kendall is who gave it to Duncan. (She does say at one point that she’d been in both their beds so she’d “earned the occasional drop-by.”

  20. Veronica got Duncan’s medical records without too much trouble…
    I like the idea that Kendall maybe gave it to Duncan. That would explain why Meg never pointed to Duncan while his back was turned and mouthed “Chlamydia!” to Veronica, though that would have been a great scene.
    I would actually like it resolved whether he and Kendall did the deed. Because, Duncan, ewww.

  21. Veronica got Duncan’s medical records without too much trouble…
    But Veronica can steal anything! She’s smarter than me!
    More to the point is why they would steal her records – don’t forget she really only just found out, and they had the info on her being involved in stealing stuff from the lockup already. Plus, I really like my irrational theories that have no evidence associated with them whatsoever. 🙂
    (I think Duncan did sleep with Kendall before he and Veronica got back together.)

  22. The V/D (Ha!) timeline is so hard to keep track of. I thought the implication was they slept together when V/D were just not clicking and he was being distracted. Were V/D ever actually broken up during the first part of this season or was this during the phony break-up?
    TOO MUCH DATA. I can no longer keep track.

  23. Back when “Leave it to Beaver” first aired, one of my very first coherent thoughts was that yes, Veronica had solved the crime, but she had failed to provide any concrete evidence for her theory, and there was absolutely no way Aaron would be convicted of Lilly’s murder. I was a little less certain about the assault on Veronica, and I was sure that he’d be convicted of statutory rape, but the various shenanigans with the evidence made sure there was no chance of the latter and as for the former, I believe it was Chance who said that Aaron’s a rich white man in America.
    And yet the not guilty verdict still stunned me. In fact, for all of the second season’s problems, I still walk away from this show shaken. The teaser alone was enough to get my heart racing. I can’t think of another show on TV that can consistently do this.
    I’m sticking with my theory of Beaver as the killer – not that I have any idea as to his motives or even his putative target. I like the twist of having Dick be the molestee, but there is simply no way that Dick has the intelligence, not to mention the ability to perform sustained labor, to pull this off.
    Was that really it with Jackie and Terrence? What a pointless sub-plot.

  24. Finally watched the episode and caught up on all your comments and — I’m with Niall and Gwenda on theories (or the lack thereof) right now. I don’t like Beav for the killer, mainly because I like Beav. I’ve been wondering if Gia might have had something to do with the bus. I think Aaron is involved up to his eyeballs, but it’s unclear exactly how. I continue to wonder how much of this is about molestee revenge and how much is actually about real estate and the town incorporation.
    I don’t understand what’s going on with Jackie… I felt for her character initially, but the past few episodes she’s been so shiny and giddy that she doesn’t feel quite real to me anymore. I know they were setting her up for a fall, but still, I can’t tell: was this to add to our sense of weird (see: the surreal creepiness of Woody, the disturbing Lynch-esque oddity of Gia), or was it just the actress being not as convincing when she’s playing happy? I feel like once they got her and Wallace together, her role just got written off to “happy girl will get let down”. I loved her when she was screwed up and complex.
    I hate to criticize the show at all, because I love it so, but I’m frustrated with this season’s pacing (mainly because the first season set the bar so high). Team Mars discovers the Sharks boys team, and confirm that the two boys in the tape were killed on the bus, but we’re not privy to any further information about which other characters were on that team? If Dick was a Shark (I’m guessing he was), wouldn’t Veronica take notice, and wouldn’t we get to see her take notice?
    For that matter, was Donut on the team? Maybe he orchestrated the crash to kill off Meg so he could get her baby, just like he killed Lily! (Sorry, I know we’ve got a confession from Aaron and everything, but my Donut distrust is tenacious.) Okay, that wasn’t a real theory. I just think it would be funny if the evil mastermind of everything turned out to be Duncan.

  25. VD: Been thinking more and more how really convenient this was for the defense. They’ve got to sell Veronica as a ho for their theory to work and what says ho better than a teen with VD?
    Re: The Donut being the mastermind – I’m pretty sure Duncan says at some point he never played little league, whether that was because of his epilepsy or whatnot, I really don’t remember.

  26. Oh yeah, I know it’s not really Donut pulling the strings. I just had to come up with something to spice up my interest in him when he’s onscreen.

  27. Yes, Donut said that he never played Little League.
    I like to think he was lying, but that may be my DONUT HATE speaking.
    I’m still hoping he’s the bomber. Not that I think it’s even remotely possible. But oh, it would be my birthday and Hannukah all in one.

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