Driving Miss Gilmore. Temporarily unable to see after minor eye surgery, Emily (Kelly Bishop) enlists Lorelai’s (Lauren Graham) help as her driver and companion, finally revealing a huge surprise that catches Lorelai completely off-guard. Meanwhile, Rory takes charge of Logan’s recovery when he is released from the hospital. Finally, Luke (Scott Patterson) helps his sister Liz (Kathleen Whilhoite) and her husband T.J. (Michael DeLuise) deal with Liz’s pregnancy. Melissa McCarthy, Edward Herrmann, Yanic Truesdale, Liza Weil and Sean Gunn also star. The episode was written by Amy Sherman-Palladino & Daniel Palladino and directed by Jamie Babbit.

Oh, how sad this episode made me, because it felt like a return to form. Definitely one of the better eps of the season, I thought. Which means most of y’all probably hated it.

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  1. Lorelei and her mom? Super awesome. (And it was so sad when she had to confess that the wedding was cancelled.)
    Rory calling the Wall Street Journal reporter? Self-centered and annoying.
    Parris looking for Tupperware to use as a bedpan while watching the penguin movie? Awesome!
    Sookie and Jackson and the pot? Also just annoying.
    The spaghetti and meatball fight? A return to some good banter.
    The preview where Lorelei says “It’s now or never?”? *shudders* Why would anyone do that?
    Overall, I enjoyed the episode because of

  2. Yeah, I too loved Emily in her big glasses and Lorelai in the tank.
    Rory continues to annoy, but in a somewhat likable way.
    I actually loved the Sookie and Jackson stuff, but then I’ve been sad that Sookie has essentially been absent this season.
    Mostly, I was glad to see Luke behaving like Luke, even if I still want to kick him. I missed the scenes from next week, but lots of band-y goodness.

  3. Yay band!
    You know, I keep trying to construct some reasonable explanation for why Lorelai doesn’t just TALK TO LUKE, but it’s getting harder.

  4. I liked the ep, if only because of the moment between Lorelai and her mother. I always like it when the walls between the two of them (temporarily) come down. The key to Emily, I’ve always thought, is that she does genuinely love her daughter; she just never knows how to let her daughter know this.

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