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"Nevermind the Buttocks" When Veronica decides to take on a case to find the person who ran over a Neptune senior’s dog, she is taken aback by the startling facts she uncovers.

Please see how far the conspiracies can go in my absence.

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  1. Really, I’m just feeling jerked around.
    Like: why did Gia tell Lamb her dad told her not to take the bus back? (Sure I could buy her making it up as a bit of melodrama on her part, but her dad was running for office at the time and that seems dimmer than even she is.)
    Like: If the explosion was in the passenger bit of the bus, why is there no freaking evidence showing where it was? How could anyone in their right minds miss that and think that it was suicide? I always assumed the explosion blew out the steering on the bus and Lamb was such a lazy shit he missed the evidence, but with this “maybe it was in the goody bag” storyline that makes no sense. And if the explosion was so small that there it didn’t take out a seat or two, then why did the bus crash?
    Like: Why do we need this sudden Kendall complication? And why in the world would Big Dick ever take out life insurance on his kids in her favor? I can’t really believe in the FitzPatricks (or Kendall) having something on him that would make him do that.

  2. And oh yeah, why did they have a sample of Duncan’s DNA laying around anyway? There wasn’t anything that needed to be DNA tested in the Lilly case.
    Perhaps they should have used it to test his paternity to Meg’s baby and then he wouldn’t have fled the country. (but we are all pleased he did.)

  3. I don’t know, Chance. Don’t you think all your quibbles pale in comparison to the notion that Aaron Echolls has an Oscar?
    I think we can rather definitively scratch Kendall off the list of suspects for the bus crash – this close to the final reveal, there’s simply no way that the show would lay out the evidence against her so clearly if there wasn’t a twist coming up.
    If I’m not mistaken, Woody is also in the clear – if he was talking to Gia when the bus went over, he probably wasn’t activating the bomb. This is not to say that he couldn’t have had a second cell phone, or made the call from a land line as he was creating an alibi (or that Gia isn’t lying for him). I just really dislike the idea of Woody being the killer – it’s too obvious, and I prefer the thought of him as a skeevy potential molester.
    I agree that the placement of the bomb is now problematic. Even if the kid with the goody package was sitting right up front (and who does that anyway?), it shouldn’t have looked as if the bomb went off around the driver’s seat. But then if I remember correctly, Lamb made Ed Doyle his scapegoat before the bus was brought up – which is insane, but there you are.

  4. I know they meant “Grammy” 😛
    My problem with the bomb is Veronica discovered it via the one phone call – there was never any physical evidence in the bus or on any of the victims (or at least none discussed and if people were missing limbs and they never told us …), which fits with a steering or brake sabotage (well a bit anyway) but this whole line of talk Veronica is working now is just kinda dumb and feels it.)
    Yeah Lamb did make him the scapegoat beforehand, which just points out how silly this show can be, but I’d like them to at least be a bit consistant.

  5. I think the bus did look as if part of it had been blown out when Keith went to explore it, but the question is whether the force of the impact wouldn’t have obliterated any evidence of a bomb. Also, it’s possible that Lamb knew the bus had been blown up after it came up, but didn’t announce that fact to protect the investigation/his own ass.
    I also think the fact that the bomb was obviously small enough to kill only some of the passengers (Cervando says the driver, but if the bomb was in one of the goody bags, it could have been someone else) or even just a single one, is suggestive. Cervando’s theory is that the explosion was timed to kill everyone on the bus, but what if the reverse is true? What if the target was a single person, and the bus going over the cliff was simply an unfortunate accident?
    At the very least, this theory means we should seriously downgrade our assessment of the killer’s intelligence.

  6. So, I actually thought this was a very strong episode…
    I like the fact that we’re finally seeing Kendall connect up to the bus crash storyline (though I don’t think she did it). We also now know why she went in Duncan’s bathroom at Aaron’s behest.
    On the life insurance end of things. Let’s not forget that life insurance policies can be useful in other ways than just if the parties they’re taken out on die. I believe the beneficiary or policy holder can borrow against it or, in some cases, take money out of it (there was a guy’s widow here awhile ago who had to do that because when her husband died he had really screwed up the rest of the finances). So perhaps this was a little “insurance policy” for Kendall to draw on should Dick be forced to flee the country or what-have-you.
    I was also glad the episode didn’t ever seem to take Weevil seriously as the bus crash villain. And I wasn’t bothered by Veronica’s line of inquiry — sure as viewers it may seem pointless, but she did manage to get helpful info out of him and I like that she’s ruthless enough not to let her personal feelings about anyone get in the way of her suspicion. Maybe a bad strategy for life, but a good one for a P.I.

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