And the fun continues.

“I Am God” A restless Veronica is plagued by dreams in which the students killed in the bus crash confront her.

Christopher has a wacky new theory regarding Beaver; perhaps he’ll share with the group.


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  1. I don’t think that’s a so much theory as what his best Christmas wish would be, Dave.
    Unless he was the one who set the bomb …
    My theory about Christopher’s theory is the Beaver secritly wants to be a priest.

  2. Someone remind me–who’d be collecting on the insurance payout, if Dick bit the dust?
    Shiver at the end there, and big laugh over Weevil’s “I’m sure he’s crushed” in the preview. I’m so easy.

  3. I suppose it’d be Kendall, unless there was something fishy about the payout.
    I liked this episode (though I need to think it over a bit more), but it felt like there were so many things here that could have been parceled out a little earlier. But still, I’m now officially re-engaged in the bus crash mystery, which maybe was the point…?

  4. Well, I assume it would have been big Dick as the father (and since he was still unindited) though insurance money sounds weird to me – I’d think it would be getting their trust fund money back or something.
    There was a lot a lot of information here, and really I am bugged because I never bought into the “we’ll use a smelly rat to get kids off the bus” plot point and now it just feels like a bit of stupid misdirection on the part of the writers.
    But yeah, I am also reengaged to the bus crash, but I’ve been thinking it was evil Woody all along because he’s crazy.
    Though I am warming further to Dave’s crazy theory about Beav …

  5. My theory is based on an easy observation the producers clearly want us to make and a guess: the easy observation is that the “no nookie” stuff with Beaver last week, coupled with the planted tranny prostitute gag early on and a couple of other things, are meant to suggest things about Beaver’s sexual identity.
    The guess is that Beaver shot that DVD in the Mayor’s house.
    The rest of my theory spins out from there, and if I’m wrong about either premise then everything else falls apart, so I’ll not explicate it here.

  6. Hmm. I may be overthinking things, but I kinda feel like with this show, the easy observation ends up being the _too_ easy observation. Which is to say, Beaver being gay would make altogether too much sense for me not to be skeptical.
    (The rest of the theory, though, I like, and Woody is certainly skeevy enough for something Not Right to be going on there.)
    (Digging Crazy Dave’s theory, too.)
    (This is also why I’m convinced that Weevil didn’t do it. The suggestion this week plus the “Weevil is baaaaaad!” evidence last week would be tipping their hand a little too early.)
    I suspect a download-and-watch fest coming on. I’ve completely lost track of so much Stuff, now that it’s finally starting to matter.
    22 eps to a season, right? If I’m out of the country for the finale, I’m going to cry.

  7. Well, gayness has definitely been a mucho recurring theme this season, so there’s going to be some revelation there. The “outing of all outings” will happen, is my prediction. And the most obvious person at this point would be Woody and/or Dick C. I can’t remember if the gay kid in the bus crash was out or not (I’m thinking not), so how did Dick know he was gay?
    Woody has a very skeazy molestor/Sunnydale Mayor vibe about him, so I could also see there being abuse in someone’s past. But yeah, Woody almost seems too easy a bus crash patsy. As does Beaver at this point, really. Which leaves… not Weevil.
    I guess now we know why the Casablancas’ duo made the credits this season.
    And yet another visual reference to Aaron Echolls in this episode.

  8. My new theory is that Beav is really a girl in the Best Disguise Ever. (Also, I am still stuck on the insurance because it seems like such a weird thing for Big Dick to do. I wonder if evil Woody put him up to it for some reason.)

  9. Oh, I definitely think _someone_ will be gay. Just think not Beaver. Woody and/or Dick (Good grief. I’ve never typed those names in a row before. I’m 12. Okay, moving on.) seem very plausible, though.

  10. Near the end, what was it that made Veronica suspect Weevil? I didn’t follow that bit.
    As for the Casablancas, who ever heard of taking out an insurance policy on one’s children? What possible legitimate reason is there for that?

  11. One of the things I enjoy about this show is how effortlessly it can kick into gear and cram hours of information into less than 45 minutes. I have problems, however, with Veronica’s sudden emotional involvement with the bus crash. Her interest in it comes and goes, as does her guilt over supposedly being the cause of the crash. I’m not sure I believe that she’s suddenly so guilt-ridden that she’s losing sleep.
    Ted, Cervando pointed out that in order to kill everyone on the bus by forcing it off the cliff, the killer would have had to time the explosion exactly. He suggested that the killer was following the bus, and Veronica concluded that he was talking about Weevil. Since the bomb was triggered by a cell phone call, you’d think Veronica would know whether or not Weevil could be the killer, and also remember that the limo with Dick, Beaver, Duncan and Gia was a lot closer to the bus than Weevil and Veronica.
    I think child performers and other kids who are supporting their families might legitimately have life insurance, but it is rather skeevy that Big Dick took out a policy on Dick and Beaver.

  12. But why would she possibly conclude it was Weevil? That’s what I don’t get. She already knows about Curly, who had stunt-crash expertise.

  13. I believe there’s also a history of life insurance sales for children in poor African American neighborhoods. As memorialized in the movie Grand Canyon.
    Clearly this would not effect the Casablancas’ family. It definitely seems like the kind of thing that would immediately make you a suspect if anything actually happened to said kids. So perhaps the implication is that someone forced Big Dick to buy it or it’s some sort of frame up…? I dunno. It is an odd clue.

  14. Ok, the clue about following closely is crap. We live in the world of GPS. If it is meant to be of any significance then I am profoundly disappointed.

  15. Okay, I finally found time to watch this episode and my head is reeling from all the red herrings. I’m drowning in extranneous plot! (Even though a lot of it will probably end up tying together in meaningful ways.) I wish I didn’t have to wait a week until the next episode, and then the next… I want to know *now*. Frustrating, but good TV.
    Right now it’s Beaver who’s piquing my interest. I have some vague theories about him which have to do with the mayor; they started in the realm of the sexual and are evolving into the realm of real estate.
    But really, at this point I could come up with a plausible theory around any character in the show. (Except for Weevil, who didn’t dunnit.)

  16. (That came out sounding like I think Beav planned the crash, which I don’t believe he did. I just suspect he’s got some big things in motion, which may be related.)

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