Tuesday Hangovers

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Hangovers”

  1. Hope you got some sleep in the end, I am always insomniac but am suffering tonight with the most WRETCHED cold, it’s almost 6:30am and I still haven’t been able to get to sleep, I am so overwhelmed with symptoms! So it made me happy to find your blog entry….

  2. So, when I was working as a field producer on MTV’s Big Urban Myth show, we needed a Sound Forensic Detective and I looked in the phone book and found Mr. Pellicano’s name. We wanted to examing the Tupac record where he supposedly says “Suge shot me”. Two weeks after we interviewed him he was arrested.
    But when I first called Pellicano and he asked me about the show and had a bunch of questions. At the end, when he was satisfied with me, he agreed to come in and examine the Tupac tapes. Then he said, “If you make me look like a fool, well… you know, I’m Italian.”
    I think even I was Pellicanoed!

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