This week, there will be talk. I can feel it.

“The Quick and the Wed" Wallace’s new girlfriend asks Veronica to find her sister, who appears to be either a "runaway bride" or a victim of foul play.

Bones talk welcome too. Or ANTM, but Chance is a broad abroad, so probably nobody else around here watches wannabe models… right? (I’m exhausted, but tonight is my TV night, damn it! I will watch all three and feel no shame!)

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  1. Nope, I watch wannabe designers. This season due to time constraints I’ve had to drop ANTM (which I always hear in my head as Aunty Em. There’s a twister!) I still read Elyse Sewell’s livejournal, though.

  2. Definitely going to sleep now and more later. But I really liked this episode (though they need to get somewhere with the Terrence stuff soon). Return of Papa Echolls and especially Logan having to judge HIMSELF for a change, against the expectations of others and what he’s actually doing. Very interesting. Mystery of the week — eh, more Wallace would have made it more interesting.

  3. Hmm. Bones felt a little bit…off to me, last night, and I can’t quite put a finger on why. Everything should have worked but didn’t, quite.
    Or maybe there just wasn’t enough air! guitar!
    And I actually got up midway through VM to check email, which I last did…never. More Wallace! More Backup!
    But as long as my namesake doesn’t suck, it’s allllll good.

  4. Longest.
    Seriously, for all the buildup of backstory, very little is actually happening. I thought the dam was going to burst last night, but no such luck. The thing they are doing right, though, is that there are so many threads to this mystery that I have no frellin’ idea what’s going on.

  5. I know what you mean, Dave. I’m ready for things to start giving. And also getting frustrated with not having seen Weevil in what feels like forever — I hope at the new network they are more able to afford their cast. I think that was one of the reasons I liked Papa Echolls showing up so much; Papa Echolls, I associate with a satisfying resolution to a mystery.
    Agree on Bones, Hannah. Christopher and I agreed that it was because they were trying to do too many things at once — anthropology 101, the Mole people, the treasure hunt, the boyfriend. There were so many possible killers and motives that not enough time was spent on any of them and the cast was sort of rushing from one to the other. And too many outside establishing shots that were unnecessary and disrupted flow. It was just a little… off. Like you said. Still love it though.

  6. They’re not really spinning their wheels, but they’ve got so many things going on that progress in any given episode is minimal. We have to hold so much knowledge in our heads that it gets in the way of being emotionally involved–which I think is why this season has been notably less wrenching than last. It’s not that the individual plots suck–I think taking each on its own merits, they’ve almost all been pretty good–it’s just that there are too damn many of them.

  7. What Niall said. I see people grumping about the mysteries-of-the-week, but for the most part I think they’re solid as far as they go. But the writers are so caught up in the wider picture of the class conflict in Neptune that some of the regular characters are getting shunted aside. And so I find myself having pretty much lost interest in Wallace completely, and despairing of seeing Weevil get a decent sustained storyline. (And I want Mac back! But not with Beaver, because something shady is up with him.)

  8. I agree with you guys wholeheartedly, except for a little misgivings on the Terrence storyline and the way it’s been handled. I really feel like what’s going to happen next in that plot thread is often too telegraphed… but I was surprised by the break-in revelation, so perhaps that’s about to change. I do want to start seeing all these disaparate threads come together a little more though, and we’re at the point in the season where that should happen.
    And it looks like class is perhaps making a comeback with the younger Casablancas’ scheme and the incorporation of Neptune issues.
    Just saw that the show is moving to Tuesdays in April. I’m all for one day earlier, but it seems like a weird move.

  9. Aw, I’m rooting for the Beav. I think (hope) he knows what he’s doing. Or at least that Mac can help keep him right-side-up.
    Fun episode! Was that a still from “Clash of the Titans” that they showed in the tv bio for Aaron Echolls? Hee.
    They’re working so hard to keep us guessing that I’m having a hard time keeping track of all the loose ends around the long-term plots: bus, Terrence, gangs… It all seems very interconnected, but it’s a bit too much information for me. I’m trying to just roll with it and not worry, but I do miss some of the intensity of last season’s core Lily plot.
    And why the hell is Duncan still in the opening credits, unless he’s an essential part of a central, overarcing theme, i.e., it’s going to turn out that he really did kill Lily? Gah. Go away, Donut.

  10. On the Donut in the opening credits–I don’t even remember where I heard this, but I thought that if an actor appeared in a certain number of episodes of a season, then they were guaranteed an appearance in the credits on shows that show actors in the opening credits.

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