David Stemple passed away yesterday. Jane Yolen talks about it in her journal.

I didn’t know David nearly as well as I’d have liked to, but every moment I was around him was a joy. I always thought of David as Indiana Jones, because that was what he was like. On a trip to Mexico, he and Adam braved the wilds of the countryside birding and he looked perfectly like he was on safari. You can see some pictures and listen to some of his bird recordings here. It feels strange to post about this, but it’d feel stranger to have the day pass and not mention it at all.

The world is less without him in it. My thoughts are with his family.

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  1. David Stemple taught me to program in LISP. He was a wonderful teacher. I remember being glad that such a kind man was married to such a warm-hearted writer, because I liked the thought of them making each other happy.

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