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storySouth has released its notable short stories of 2005. Tons of great stories on that list and a bunch I’m interested to check out. I was especially cheered by these notices of awards, based on the jury’s selections and outside nominations:

Million Writers Award for best online publication

    * Strange Horizons wins this award for having seven of their stories selected as notable stories of the year (more than seven stories, actually, since the "Tales of the Chinese Zodiac" by Jenn Reese is 12 individual stories published over 12 months).


Finally, SCIFICTION is awarded an honorary "can’t believe the bastards shut you down" award because, well, it is still hard to believe that the penny-pinchers at the Sci-Fi Channel shut down the top online market for quality speculative fiction.

Hurray for Strange Horizons getting some love and for the recognition of SciFiction. And yay for Ms. McCarron, Ms. Wolf Bowen, Mr. Samphire, Ms. Goss, Ms. Reese, Mr. Bowes and the rest!

Check out the competition. According to the site: "The top ten stories of the year will be released on April 1, with the public vote for the top story also beginning then."

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