8 thoughts on “Juvenile? Why, yes.”

  1. As a historical novelist, I find this whole case just terrifying…as much as I have never liked Dan Brown, I’m rooting for him all the way in this!

  2. Yeah, I think it’s totally outlandish and it sounds like the judge does too. But doesn’t he just look GUILTY of something? He’s so greasy and sheeny.

  3. Absolutely. There’s the kind of slick sleazy lawyer that would star as one of Tom Cruise’s coworkers in “The Firm”, and then there’s Matthew McConaughey in “The Jury” and Susan Sarandon in…oh, drat it…what was her lawyer movie? Where she’s protecting the kid against Tommy Lee Jones? Another Grisham book?
    Actually, it’s sobering to consider that ALL of my lawyer stereotypes come from John Grisham movies. Especially since some of my best friends (no, really!) are lawyers…

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