Not Even Friday

So, what does a polydactyl named Hemingway get up to on his first full day all alone in the house? Archeology, of course.

DustyfloorWe didn’t even notice right away that he’d managed to unboard up the fireplace in the office and do some excavation. When we did, we cracked up, unable to even pretend at madness. I took this shot after Christopher righted the bourbon ad (originating from the Raleigh contingent) and put the board sort of back in place. I think you can still see the evidence.
There’s some more trace evidence on the backsides of his thunderpaws, but you can’t see that in this photo because he doesn’t like to be still for photos. That Hemingway, he’s a cat in motion.

5 thoughts on “Not Even Friday”

  1. Oh, yeah, he has that black-and-white-cat-looking-to-take-over-the-world look going.
    The only thing that saves us in our house is that ours, umm, doesn’t have opposable thumbs.

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