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Bridesmaid Revisited. Proud parents Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Christopher (David Sutcliffe) attend a journalism panel at Yale where Rory (Alexis Beldel) dazzles the crowd. Afterwards, Lorelai offers to help Christopher (David Sutcliffe) out by babysitting his 4-year-old daughter and is horrified by the toddler’s terrible behavior. The next day, Rory and Logan (Matt Czuchry) attend the wedding of Logan’s sister, Honor (guest star Devon Sorvari). While helping the bride and her three bridesmaids get ready, Rory is devastated to learn how Logan spent his time during their recent breakup. Logan tries to defend his actions, but a devastated Rory turns to Lorelai and Paris (Liza Weil) for comfort. Finally, Lane (Keiko Agena) is still heartbroken over Zach (guest star Todd Lowe), until he turns up at the diner with a surprise. Scott Patterson and Sean Gunn also star. The episode was written by Rebecca Rand Kirshner and directed by Linda Mendoza.

I’m not loving where this could go…

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  1. Wow, what a relationshipy episode, with practically no Luke in it.
    More to come but: Lane engaged to Zach? I find myself oddly half-okay with this. Please bring me back from the precipice. (So, this is the end of season wedding? Or a fake-out?)

  2. I liked the episode, myself. There have been a lot of episodes this season where not a whole lot happens: this was not one of those episodes.
    We have never really seen Rory get genuinely screwed over by a guy — I mean, yes, there was Jess skipping town, but that didn’t feel, I don’t know, so intimate. The writers managed to charm us with Logan over the past couple episodes, and we got sucked in as much as Rory. Or, at any rate, I got sucked in. And yet he never did lie to her. The same charm that got him and Rory back together was also what allowed him to bed the wedding party. I kept expecting him to say, “It’s in my nature!”
    We saw a counterpoint to Rory’s romantic problems with the reconciliation of Lane and Zach. Honestly, I have no problem with this. It may be a fake-out, but Lane at least deserves her own subplot again, and her own band.
    Is it wrong that I really liked the Bat Mitzvah version of Hollaback Girl? Did it feel to anyone else like the whole Christopher thing was basically just keeping Lorelai busy this episode? Did anyone else worry that Rory and Doyle would sleep together?
    Oh, and Paris and Rory? Loved it.

  3. Oh my god, I totally worried about Rory and Doyle, as soon as he showed up. And that would have been a NIGHTMARE. It’s nice to see that even Drunk Rory can keep out of that kind of trouble.

  4. This was a good one! What you all said about the relationships (thank god no wacky drunken Doyle disaster). I was interested in the Christopher thing. We’ve never gotten much insight into what Lorelai was like as a mom to a young child, and I liked having this little glimpse; also some nice evolution of things between Lorelai and Christopher as he comes to understand what she went through as a parent without him.
    I don’t know what to think about Lane and Zach! I know it must be all wrong, but it kind of feels right. Anyway, good to see them happy. And hooray, the band is back together!

  5. I call total bullshit on the whole “Logan cheated on me” crap – you can’t bitch him out for breaking up with you via his sister and saying you thought you were still together. You can’t retroactively take back the crappy breakup mode when you allegedly forgave him for it.

  6. I kind of agree with you, Chance. But it’s Rory, and she’s a princess. Girls should not easily forgive it when their boyfriends sleaze it up with bubblebrains, broken up or not.
    That kid with the Confederacy of Dunces poster who stood in for Jess last season just disa-fucking-ppeared, huh?
    And yes, we were extremely glad there was no sleeping with Jonathan.

  7. I have actually (just now, while reading Chance’s comment) become convinced of something. Logan and Rory had that… it wasn’t even a fight, really, was it? Right before Thanksgiving, when she said she was going to try and get her life back together and he flipped out about how it wasn’t all his fault? They had that kind-of-fight, went away mad, and then Logan started banging floozies just because he was pissed off and feeling sorry for himself. When his sister posed the obvious “hey, you jerk, don’t you have a girlfriend?” question, he covered for himself by saying that they’d broken up, but then after Honor -called- Rory, he was stuck with that lie and had to run with it.
    I mean, Logan has a really fluid sense of the truth, we’ve seen that with him. He pulls it off because he believes what he’s saying, from minute to minute. But he’s always just saying what’s most convenient and what will allow him to get whatever he wants at the moment with the least hassle.

  8. Gwenda – I can see her being pissed about the whole thing with the random girls – I can see how that would hurt, and hurt a whole lot. But ultimately, if he knew Honor gave her the brushoff for him, he might be a jerk – ok not might, but he’s not a cheater.
    Susan – I love that interpretation. It feels really real, but at the point Rory got the call, he was clearly in the “flirting but not cheating stage” of the day, at least based on the hooking up reference – Thanksgiving night after Rory talked to Honor, and I’m sure he got crap from Honor after talking to Rory, so ultimately I don’t believe he cheated, however they broke up.
    Sure it’s all the assy ever. He’s a jerk? Hell yeah, but that’s been obvious from day one.
    But for me, Rory saying they were having “time apart” doesn’t jibe with her actions after talking with Honor. She knew they were broken up.

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