3 thoughts on “Tuesday Hangovers”

  1. When I was writing my little thing on the BSFA noms, I was wondering how you would resolve your feelings on the novel list. We know you LUUUURVE the Ryman book, but last I heard you hadn’t read the Robson yet (but you know from past experience, and my always reliable comments, that it’s doubleplus good), so conflict…

  2. So, that’s three out of four published books nominated for an award … is there anything Mappa Mundi is eligible for at the moment? 🙂
    The interesting thing about the list for me is that (aside from the Grimwood, which I haven’t read) they’re all books I love in spite of their flaws, rather than books I think are flawless.
    Predicting a winner is tricky. I suspect Accelerando has the most momentum behind it, but probably not by much.

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