Things That Make Me Nervous

Maureen Ryan generates her dream line-up for the new net announced today:

News came Tuesday that the WB and UPN will shut down in the fall, and the best shows from each network will migrate to a new broadcast network called The CW, a joint venture between Warner Bros. Entertainment and CBS.

Personally, I’m still hoping this doesn’t mean anything bad for Gilmore Girls or Veronica Mars (now that would be a great night of television). I could very easily see GG ending this season. (Although, perhaps this actually helps its chances, as the new net may pony up more bucks to ASP to keep it for their first season.) I would sob if VM ends this year.

7 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Nervous”

  1. I have some inside information that suggests that VM is definitely safe according to current plans.
    I know these things can change, but I am going to ignore that possibility and hold on to this tip.

  2. Also, I kind of fear a forced “reset” of VM at the beginning of next season. Let us hope it’s better than the “catch up” eps at the beginning of this one.

  3. It was no real dish, as apparently it’s in the WaPo, but I have a friend who works in Dawn Ostroff’s office, and I am told that she is a real champion of VM. So, with her in her new position, the show should definitely get a fighting chance and then some.

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