Tuesday Hangovers

Hello, my pretties.

  • Mapletree7 over at Book of the Day uses the cleverest phrase ever to describe Iain Banks’ The Bridge: "The Bridge is a psychological tour de France." Emphasis mine.
  • Colleen loves Wintering by Kate Moses and relates to Sylvia Plath, overwhelmed mother and writer. (Where DOES the time go? I manage to keep myself from complaining — mostly, anyway — by thinking sympathetically about those of you with children on top of everything else. How do you find time to breathe?)
  • An excellent interview with Rebecca Skloot that’s full of tips (especially for freelancers). I particularly like this part: After she has finished researching, but before she begins writing, Rebecca spends some time ruminating. She calls this process of not writing but thinking intensely about her story (both consciously and sub-consciously) “fomulgating.” It’s another concept that she got from her father, a mixture of promulgating and procrastinating and several other words they’ve long forgotten. Fomulgating, in Skloot-speak, is the “writing that happens when you’re not writing.” It’s the stewing, the fermenting, the knitting together of a story that happens when the writer is patient and in repose.
  • My favorite Susan Marie Groppi waxes brilliant on Christopher’s The Voluntary State. (I’d tell you he’s working on that novel right next to me RIGHT THIS SECOND but it might jinx it.)

And that’s all for today, because I am beaten like an egg. Or something.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Hangovers”

  1. Well, there could theoretically be another Susan Marie Groppi out there, right? And I don’t want her getting the wrong idea.

  2. true. true.
    which one might get the wrong idea, though?
    on a different subject, see Sarah‘s Post on MediaBistro on YA fiction & MySpace.

  3. Sarah’s so smart. I’m going to have to poke around MySpace. A couple of our friends who have a band just succumbed and I think they are selling lots of CDs by sticking up MP3s.

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